Why board at an animal clinic? When boarding with us you won’t have to worry about a pet with medications, as staff is trained to administer them as needed. Also, immediate health care can be provided if required without moving your animal to a new location.

At Monticello and Warren Animal Clinics we offer 3 boarding options:

Day Boarding- You can drop your pet off for the day and pick up in the afternoon for a stress free day trip knowing your pet is safe with us!

Regular Boarding- You can drop off your pet with us for an extended stay in one of our 3 X 7 or 4 X 6 runs or kennels of varying sizes.

Luxury Boarding- Luxury boarding is a great way to keep an eye on your pet while you are away. Each of our multi themed 8 X 8 luxury suites are equipped with a camera and metal cot.

We provide blankets, bowls, raised cots, and several different diets for your pet. However, you are welcome to bring your own toys, blankets, bowls or special diets if desired.

*Note: We require pets to be fully vaccinated in order to board with us, unless approved by one of our veterinarians.

*Note: Our Dallas County Clinic location is closed for boarding at this time.

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We offer several different types of diets from prescription to regular. Our inventory varies depending on several factors but we will always try our best to keep the food you need in stock. Special diets can be ordered by request via phone or in person. We offer canned and dry versions of most diets in multiple flavors. If you are looking for a specific size can or bag just let one of our staff know and we can let you know what is in stock or what can be ordered.

Hills Rx Diets:

  • c/d
  • w/d
  • i/d (regular, low fat)
  • k/d
  • z/d
  • u/d
  • g/d
  • Metabolic
  • Derm Complete

Hills Science Diets:

  • Puppy
  • Kitten
  • Adult Light
  • Adult 1-6
  • Adult 7+
  • Senior
  • Sensitive Stomach and Skin

Royal Canine:

  • Hydrolyzed Protein
  • Glycobalance
  • Gastrointestinal (regular, low fat)
  • Urinary
  • Ulamino

*We also carry treats if your dog or cat is on a special diet requiring only specific ingredients.

Hills Website

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Preventative Care


Exams- We perform nose to tail exams on all patients no matter the reason for the visit. We understand the importance of a yearly checkup and will discuss any preventative care you may perform to keep your pet in the healthiest state possible. We will also perform visual only exams if the situation requires.

Vaccines- We have several options for vaccines that range from individual vaccines to full packages. To view our vaccine options with prices please click the link below:

Vaccine Packages and Prices

Flea and Tick Prevention- We offer a few different products to prevent infestation of fleas and ticks. It is recommended to apply year round prevention on pets no matter the season or environment.

  • Bravecto 1 month for dogs
  • Bravecto 3 month for dogs
  • Bravecto for cats
  • Bravecto PLUS for cats
  • Seresto Collars for dogs
  • Seresto Collars for cats
  • RevolutionPLUS for cats

Bravecto for Dogs and Cats
Seresto for Dogs
Seresto for Cats
Revolution for Cats

Heartworms- Heartworm infections can be fatal if a pet is not on heartworm prevention. Due to our geographical location we are in an area that is endemic to mosquitoes who spread these parasites. It is recommended to apply heartworm prevention on a routine basis regardless of lifestyle, location or season.

  • Advantage Multi for dog and cats
  • Bravecto PLUS for cats
  • IMOXI for dogs and cats
  • Proheart6 for dogs
  • Proheart12 for dogs

Advantage Multi for Dogs and Cats
IMOXI for Dogs
Proheart6 and Proheart12 for Dogs

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General Diagnostics


In House

If required, we have capabilities to perform routine or diagnostic blood work.

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) (with differential)
  • Chemistry (organ exam, electrolytes)
  • Prep. (pre-anesthetic)
  • T4/Cholesterol (thyroid)
  • Phenobarbital (seizure management)
  • Progesterone (reproductive hormones)
  • Cortisol Level (Cushings or Addison’s)
  • Lipase (pancreatitis)
  • Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA)/Cytology (mass and lymph node evaluation)
  • Dermatophyte Culture (ringworm)

Send Out

  • Histopathology
  • Cytology
  • Virology
  • Serology/Titer Evaluation
  • Fungal/Bacterial Cultures
  • Necropsy
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We have digital radiology capabilities at all of our locations currently. This allows us immediate results of diagnostic radiographs and allows us to discuss these with pet owners directly. We can perform several studies and use radiology to aid in the diagnosis in conditions such as:


  • Thoracic (chest) Evaluation
  • Abdominal Evaluation
  • Orthopedic Evaluation
  • Barium Studies
  • Pregnancy Radiographs (Day 50-52 post breeding)


  • Foregien Body Detection
  • Fractures/Displacements
  • Pregnancy
  • Traumatic injury of the chest or abdomen (free air/fluid)
  • Kidney/Bladder Stones

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We are happy to announce that as of early 2022 we have upgraded our ultrasound machine! The ultrasound allows us to visualize and diagnose in the world of soft tissue. We are able to perform several studies and use the ultrasound to diagnose conditions such as:


  • Kidney Evaluation
  • Bladder Evaluation
  • Gastrointestinal Evaluation
  • Reproductive Evaluation


  • Kidney Disease (stones, anatomical changes)
  • Bladder Disease (stones)
  • Gastrointestinal Disease (forgeign bodies, blockage, anatomical changes)
  • Prostate Changes
  • Pregnancy (Day 30 post breeding)
  • Pyometra
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We offer routine dental cleanings at all 3 clinic locations. We prefer to perform them with full mouth radiographs included as this is the recommended protocol. We currently provide radiographs and surgical extractions at our Monticello location only.

A routine dental cleaning with us includes:

  • Anesthesia
  • Full mouth radiographs
  • Cleaning, Scaling and Polishing all teeth
  • Samples of home care products

Radiographs are then reviewed by our veterinarian and contact will be made to the pet owner to discuss if any further action is necessary (i.e. extractions, further cleanings, medications)

We offer several great products in the world of oral care for dogs and cats. These can be found in our front lobby and are open to pick up anytime!

  • PetSmile Toothpaste
  • Enzymatic Toothpaste
  • Oravet Chews
  • Vetradent Wipes/Water Additive
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Laser Therapy


At Monticello Animal Clinic we offer laser therapy using our K-laser. Laser therapy can be beneficial although is not discussed often as it should be. Benefits of laser therapy include:

  • Speeding up Surgical Wound Healing
  • Speeding up Traumatic Wound Healing
  • Reducing Scar Tissue
  • Improving nerve function and regeneration
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Improve Mobility and Joint Soreness
  • Easy treatment sessions with no recovery time!

Laser therapy is specifically helpful with:

  • Post Traumatic Wound Healing
  • Westie Lung Disease
  • Spay and Neuter Incision Sites
  • Osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
  • Sprains or Fracture Repair Sites
  • Post Training Sessions of Working Dogs

We have individual and package options if you are looking to implement this rehabilitation technique into your pets life.


  • 1 Site, 6 Sessions: $150.00
  • 2 Sites, 6 Sessions: $180.00
  • Laser Therapy Post-op, 7 Sessions: $150.00

Individual Sessions:

  • 1 Site, 1 Session: $25.00
  • 2 Sites, 1 Session: $45.00
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Canine Reproduction (TCI)


In early 2022 we had the luxury of adding a reproductive department to our clinic. We now have the capability to monitor progesterones in-house using our progesterone machine. This allows us to time breeding using either naturally, artificial insemination or transcervical insemination methods. In-house progesterone testing also allows for the monitoring of pregnant females for cesareans starting at day 58 of gestation.

Transcervical Insemination (TCI)- Transcervical insemination is a non-invasive method of breeding. TCIs are accomplished using an endoscope to visualize the cervix. The scope is placed into the vaginal vault and the cervix is identified. A catheter is then passed through the cervix and semen is deposited directly into the uterus. Transcervical inseminations are done on awake, standing bitches. TCIs can be done with fresh, chilled or frozen semen.

Artificial Insemination (AI)- Artificial insemination is done using a pipette. Semen is deposited into the vaginal vault near the cervix much like natural breeding. AIs can be done with fresh or chilled semen.

C-section- We require daily progesterone monitoring in order to ensure a doctor and time will be available for a c-section. We recommend progesterone tests started at day 58 of gestation and continuing daily until progesterone levels have decreased.

*We DO NOT perform surgical intrauterine inseminations or store semen if shipped

*Procedures only available at our Monticello location with our reproduction assistant Kaitlyn Wilson and Doctor Tabitha Norris.

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We are happy to provide full service grooming from full shave downs, breed specific trims to fun pet styles. We can cut locks and put bows on just about anything! Deshedding services are also offered to reduce the amount of hair in your home. We offer grooming services at all 3 locations. The availability will vary depending on the day and if a specific groomer is desired. Just give us a call and we can get an appointment booked for you!

*Note: We require pets to have a Rabies and Bordetella vaccine in order to be groomed at our clinics, unless approved by one of our veterinarians.

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Elective Surgery


Monticello Animal Clinic offers all typical elective surgical procedures with the same level of care as the more difficult procedures.

  • Spay (ovariohysterectomy – sterilization for female patients)
  • Castration (orchiectomy – sterilization for male patients)
  • Declaw for cats (front paws only)
  • Ear crop for appropriate breeds of dogs
  • Tail docks
  • Dewclaw removal

All patients receive intravenous fluid therapy during and after surgery. Advanced monitoring of pulse oximetry, heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, and temperature are recorded by trained personnel during surgery. Liberal use of pain medication is always part of post-operative care.

Surgeries will include a complimentary fecal exam for intestinal parasites and nail trim.

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Soft Tissue Surgery


Here at Monticello Animal Clinic we offer a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries beyond the typical elective procedures.

  • Removal of gastrointestinal foreign bodies
  • Repair of aural (ear flap) hematomas
  • Removal of urinary bladder stones
  • Cesarean section for OB patients
  • Keratectomy for indolent (non-healing) corneal ulcers
  • Mass removal
  • Amputations
  • Umbilical hernia repair
  • Enucleation (eye removal)
  • Nares resection for stenotic nares (closed nose)
  • Entropion (inverted eyelids) repair
  • Scrotal Ablation

Also, more technically difficult, but often necessary surgical procedures:

  • Total Ear Ablation (removal of ear canals)
  • Inguinal Hernia Repair
  • Splenectomy (removal of spleen)
  • Nephrectomy (removal of kidney)
  • Biopsy of organs such as liver, pancreas, kidney ect.
  • Intestinal Anastomosis (removal of a section of bowel and reattaching)
  • Prolapsed Tear Gland (‘cherry eye’ – Morgan’s Pocket Technique)
  • Perineal Urethrostomy

All patients receive intravenous fluid therapy during and after surgery. Advanced monitoring of pulse oximetry, heart rate, CO2, respiration rate, blood pressure, and temperature are recorded by trained personnel during surgery. Liberal use of pain medication is always part of post-operative care.

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Whether positive results are found with conservative medical treatment or require broken bone reconstruction, our goal is to restore your companion to optimal health and comfort. The first step in a traumatic event is to assess the injured patient and preserve life with a complete exam that includes the major organ systems such as heart, lungs, brain, and so forth. Once these systems have been assessed and treated appropriately, ‘quality of life’ becomes the priority. Many times this involves stabilizing broken bones, repairing torn or damaged ligaments, or replacing dislocated joints. This is where Monticello Animal Clinic’s orthopedic team can assist in restoring your companion’s ‘quality of life’.

Surgical cases involve three important phases.

Phase 1) Planning
Proper planning is extremely important in fracture repair medicine. Frequently our team will spend as much time planning a procedure as performing the surgery. Digital radiographs and special computer software are used to make decisions on stabilization techniques such as internal or external fixation, use of orthopedic screws, plates, wire, pins, and bone grafting. This is also the time in which the team will discuss operating room (OR) set-up, equipment needed, and patient positioning for the surgery.

Phase 2) Surgical Procedure
Once the patient is anesthetized, monitoring is very important. The patient’s blood pressure, temperature, carbon dioxide levels, respiration rate, and pulse oximetry are all closely observed for changes that could indicate a problem. The OR is closed off from the remainder of the clinic and has a designated ventilation system. There are typically 3 people in the OR during surgery: the physician, physician’s surgical assistant, and an assistant observing and recording the patient’s vital signs. The surgery is performed while the patient is receiving preemptive (pre-surgical) pain medications, intravenous antibiotics, and fluid therapy.

Phase 3) Post-operative
Immediately after surgery additional radiographs will be taken to insure fracture repair goals have been met. Patient is monitored during the recovery phase to maintain pain control and body temperature. Owners are given specific instructions on how to care for patients at home. Owners are asked to bring patients back periodically for recheck appointments, and are given a list of things to look for in the event of any complication.

The Monticello Animal Clinic Orthopedic Team is excited to offer a great deal of experience and skill in treating a wide variety of long bone and hip fracture repairs. Most frequently lameness and fracture repair appointments are made on a drop-off basis. This is because in general, sedation is needed to evaluate and obtain quality radiographs for surgical planning.

For questions, referrals or to make an appointment please contact us at or call us at 870-367-1500

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Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (CCL Rupture Repair)


A torn or damaged Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) is the most common cause of hindlimb lameness in dogs. The CCL is located inside your pet’s knee, or what veterinarians call the stifle. When their CCL is damaged or torn, this causes undesired movement within the joint resulting in pain as well as both short term and long term inflammation. There are other structures called menisci within the stifle that are at risk for damage as well. The menisci are C-shaped cartilage structures that provide many needed functions to the stifle such as lubrication and stability. If the menisci are damaged this will increase your pet’s pain level, as well as speed up degeneration of the stifle. The sooner the CCL damage is addressed, the better the short and long-term prognosis.

Through the years many surgical procedures have been developed to correct and repair a CCL tear. Older procedures were developed with the idea of replacing the ligament, unfortunately these procedures most often failed in larger size patients.

Of late, there are two procedures that have been shown to alleviate this problem the best. The first was the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO), and later the Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA). Both of these procedures are technically challenging and involve cutting bone to reposition the stifle in a way that the CCL is no longer needed.

The Monticello Animal Clinic Orthopedic team is excited to offer the TTA surgical procedure to clients and patients.

Surgical Planning (TTA)
Pre-surgical planning is extremely important in any orthopedic procedure, and even more so for a TTA. The size of the plates and the advancement of the tibial tuberosity (a structure on the front of the tibia) will determine the short and long term outcome of the patient. This planning is done by sedating the patient and obtaining appropriately positioned radiographs. The radiographs are downloaded into special computer software in order to custom fit each patient for the appropriate implants to be used.

Surgical Procedure (TTA)
1) An arthrotomy (opening of the stifle joint) is performed first to assess any damage to the meniscus, and remove the remnants of the CCL.
2) An osteotomy (cutting of the bone) is performed on the front of the tibial bone, the tibial tuberosity.
3) The tibia is fitted for a plate and a special type of ‘spacer’ called a cage. Sizes are determined by the pre-surgical planning (see above).
4) The plate and cage hold the tibial tuberosity in its new location until healing has occurred.
5) Just prior to closing, a bone graft is placed where the bone was cut to hasten bone healing.

Post-operative Care
Immediately following surgery post-operative radiographs are taken to insure the TTA goals have been met. A short term bandage is placed on the leg to help control swelling. Pain management is very important early on in the healing process, so patients go home with several medications to maintain the patient’s comfort level. Owners will receive specific (weekly) instructions as to home care, and a list of things to look for in the event of complications.

For questions, referrals or to make an appointment please contact us at or call us at 870-367-1500

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Some disease processes require more intensive therapies than what can be provided at home. We are happy to provide a hospitalization option. Your pet will be held in our treatment area in the clinic and will be monitored throughout our working hours of 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. All hospitalized patients are provided with the following:

  • Monitoring during
  • Intravenous catheter with fluid therapy
  • Special diets
  • Treatment plan tailored to specific patients

*We require a $250 deposit on intake that goes toward the final bill

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